Thursday, 8 April 2010

Helene Davies Green, candidate for MP in South Cambridgeshire wife of Grenville, stalker of Madeleine McCann's family

Unbelievable, Ms Davies Green wants to be an MP.

Her interests, apparently include picking up litter and funghi (sounds like a Border Collie to me).

Her other interests also include being involved with the harassment of the family of missing toddler, Madeleine McCann.

She is an elected member of the floundation which was set up by disgraced EX solicitor Tony Bennett (you can read all about his antics on older posts).

She was also pally with Deborah Butler, the now thrown-out EX Chairwoman of said committee whose biggest claim to fame was that she made it onto the front page of the Sunday Express with a glaring headline stating MCCANN STALKER.(see above).

She and her husband Grenville were also involved with this, what with them being on the committee and all of the floundation:

Her husband Grenville ( pictured in the first picture above with the odd moustache beside Gonzo) also took it upon himself to fly out to Portugal to attend one of Gonzo Amaral's many trials--(he was the policeman thrown off the investigation for Madeleine for being incompetent, he then went on to profit from Madeleine by writing a book and raking in 1 million euros for which the McCanns are suing for libel)

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