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SHARON BRADFORD stalker is Carter Ruck ed and here is she on previous stalking occasions with tony bennett

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


Oh the irony of it, Tony Bennett and Debbie Butler. One of Magdalen College's most famous former students was William Tyndale, who translated the Bible into English, but was arrested for heresy in Belgium in 1534 and burnt at the stake a year later after he refused to recant.
Something tells me that Bennett, Butler, the Greens and Sharon Bradford may soon be arrested for hearsay and spreading vile lies around in the form of hate leaflets!

I wonder if Sharon Bradford's family are proud of the fact that she is a dedicated follower of hate?
Sharon Bradford delivers leaflets that she knows will cause immeasurable pain and suffering to the innocent parents of an abducted child.

Below Sharon Bradford as she delivers a supply of HATE leaflets to Magdalen College -Oxford University.

Sharon Bradford (Below) says that she is proud of the fact that she is helping to persecute an innocent couple.

Do You Know Sharon Bradford? She says that all of her friends, neighbours and relatives, all think the same as her and that they see nothing wrong with persecuting innocent people in their own homes. She says that she has been approached by all of you and that you are in total agreement with what she is doing!

Do you all like being tarred with Sharon Bradford's brush of hate?

Sharon Bradford who posts on the 3arguidos hate forum and the Missing Madeleine hate forum, proudly distributes Bennett and Butler's hate leaflets. Sharon Bradford doesn't see anything wrong with stalking, persecuting and harassing people in their own homes.

Sharon Bradford doesn't care that her actions and the actions of her partners in hate, went right into the heart of the McCanns home and caused upset to totally innocent 4 year olds.

Would Sharon Bradford care if it were her family being targeted by hate campaigners? Would Sharon Bradford think nothing of targeting you and yours if she felt she was justified on the back of a load of internet gossip?

The law has to do something to protect people from the likes of Sharon Bradford, Tony Bennett, Debbie Butler, Grenville Green and Helene Davies-Green!

Tony Bennett, Debbie Butler & Grenville & Helene Green's Oxford Day Out

Below Debbie (Doris) Butler At the Soup Kitchen, Hey isn't that the same man in the earlier picture?
What porkies these people tell, I thought they were inundated with people that all rush up to them and congratulate them on their hounding and stalking.

Below peroxided hair Debbie Butler foists a leaflet on an unsuspecting man in Oxford

Below is Helene Davies-Green (Dead Beaver Head), with hubby Grenville and stalker Debbie Butler in the background, accosting unsuspecting people in Oxford, who think they took a leaflet of support for the McCanns. When they read it what a shock they got, hate, hate, hate.
(Who is that man? Is it Burger Man? Nah Couldn't Be a Stooge could it?)

Below Grenville Tries To Crack Open The Show case, Fortunately The caretaker Came Along And threw Him Out.
He just cannot seem to stop getting himself in trouble, I don't think the caretaker was one of those people that warmly welcomed Granville and his campaign of hate!

Below Helen Davies-Green With Her dead Beaver On Her Head Is Very Happy To Spread Hate and Lies Around

Below pictures from their Oxford stalking jaunt.

Every one had a very happy jolly day out, planning how they could spread their lies and hate campaign throughout Oxford and then heckle Clarence Mitchell during the evening at the Oxford Union.

Below Tony Bennett and Helene Davies-Green Outside the Oxford Union

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