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Tony Bennett EX solicitor and Human Rights ECHR


Madeleine Foundation Appeal to European Court of Human Rights

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Posted as Reference 20455/10: BENNETT v. UK on some blogging sites, it appears that Anthony Bennett is protesting a libel gagging at the Court of Human Rights.
To quote directly from Sharon Bradford’s piece on the Foundation site:

Tony Bennett considers that his right of free speech under the European Human Rights Convention was breached by the McCanns using the power of Britain's most expensive libel lawyers and Britain's notoriously draconian libel laws to silence his book '60 Reasons', and to attempt to stifle all debate about what really happened to Madeleine McCann. The European Court of Human Rights is currently considering his application under "Reference 20455/10: BENNETT v. UK".

What is being alluded to here is that Bennett is accusing Carter Ruck of breaching his human rights in their action to stop him distributing his 60 reasons leaflet which is a publication that points the finger of accusation at Madeleine’s parents for her death and subsequent concealment of her body. A cut down flyer version was also distributed by the Madeleine Foundation in the Rothley area where the McCanns live much to the horror and anger of the residents. It also earned a front page spread for then Foundation chairperson Debbie Butler who was publically branded “the McCann’s Stalker” in the Express.

The relationship such as it is between Carter Ruck and the Madeleine Foundation has always been one of slapping the Foundation down when they over step the taste and decency line that is common sense and respect for the parents of a missing child. Just recently Bradford was served an advisement notice to remove content from her blog that Carter Ruck deemed libellous to the McCanns. To be clear about this, Carter Ruck so far have not demanded to have any website removed, only specific content which is outstandingly libellous as it is cruel. It appears that although the McCanns do not like being described as “kiddie killers” online, they are not going to waste the time of Carter Ruck tracking down everyone who publically agrees with this sentiment.

When it comes to alternative theories put forward for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the Foundation believe that Madeleine died in the holiday apartment by accident and then the parents concealed her body with the help of their friends. However this theory does seem to swap and change varying from outrageous accusations of swinger parties, child abuse rings and even a European cover up conducted by a ruling elite.

On to a hiding for nothing

The statement from the Foundation is not without glaring holes and at best seems to be a clear case of pleading innocence to what they consider libellous and what the UK law knows is libellous. The presumption that you can publically accuse someone of something without evidence seems rife within the Foundation and also among its dwindling supports. When taken into consideration the demographic of Foundation members and supporters there is this curious quote from Bradford:

“We have a settled policy of not writing anything we consider to be libellous unless we can prove what we are saying. We have a declared policy of correcting any errors of fact on our site and have done so on a handful of occasions where minor errors have been pointed out to us.”

So far the very lack of proof is defined by multiple actions taken by Carter Ruck on the Foundation and its affiliates. Which raises an interesting point regarding just who is in the Madeleine Foundation. The whole organisation seems to be shrouded in some secrecy in fact Simon Hare from the BBC was led on a merry dance before the actual Foundation event he was invited to was revealed to him. Photographs of the members is forbidden at meetings and one assumed member who accompanied Bennett offering flyers out concealed her identity behind a lamp post from BBC cameras.

Why are the members of the Foundation, an organisation they claim is for the benefit of Madeleine McCann so unwilling to be identified publically apart from Bennett? This question could be answered in part by the quote from Bradford above in that members of the Foundation could be making frequent libellous comment about the McCanns without the obvious connection to it. For example it has been highlighted before the close relationship that Sean Hyland has with the Madeleine Foundation despite Bennett claiming repeated times that they have no connection whatsoever. If it could be proved that Hyland has acted under the umbrella of Foundation activities then the European Court will have little to consider in Bennett’s appeal.

It is not just Hyland’s connection to the Foundation that can be highlighted for example, if the Foundation count Martin Brumm, Ian Jackson, Anne Moore, Adam Morley, Linda Wrafter and Julie Wilson to name a few as members or affiliates then the Foundation are quite seriously defying Carter Ruck’s request to cease all libellous comments.

While the Foundation remain secretive about its strategies as well as the inner circle of members it is reasonable to consider the Foundation with great suspicion. How can a group who claim their self proclaimed mandate is to get truth and justice for Madeleine McCann do so from the veil of anonymity? The reasonable answer to this is that among their ranks there are those who do on a continuous basis publish lies and unsubstantiated rumour in the hope that people will write Madeleine off as dead without the evidence to support it.

The Foundation, through the act of going to the European Court have little choice, you stand up and be counted, anonymity will no longer be an option.

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