Thursday, 25 August 2011

Members of Gadaffi family home's looted--look at size of swimming pool of his daughter!

Gaddafi Family Members' Homes Plundered

12:12pm UK, Thursday August 25, 2011

Libyans have broken into the homes of two of Colonel Gaddafi's children in Tripoli, stealing cars and other luxury items.


The large swimming pool in Aisha Gaddafi's luxury villa

After driving out the guards, rebels looted the villas, while neighbours wandered from room to room expressing their anger at the Gaddafi family's wealth and ostentatious tastes.

One beachfront home belonged to Al-Saadi Gaddafi, the leader's third son. He was commander of the regime's special forces and an ex-footballer.

About 200 people stormed into the property, said Seifallah Gneidi, a 23-year-old rebel who took part in the looting.


A rebel fighter inside the house of Al-Saadi Gaddafi

Mr Gneidi, who was armed with a Kalashnikov, said he took a large bottle of gin, a toothbrush with a gilded handle and a pair of Diesel jeans.

"We wanted to have the stuff that he had," he said.

He said the rebels were not condoning the looting of private property, and were only allowing the symbols of the Gaddafi family's abuse of power to be plundered.

Mr Gneidi said Al-Saadi, 38, had four cars at the villa - a white Lamborghini, a BMW, an Audi and a Toyota - that were all driven away by looters.

Rebels Loot Gaddafi Family Homes

In an office area in the villa, reporters saw large piles of catalogues for yachts and cars.

One catalogue by the firm Benetti had a handwritten note with the words 'post it' attached, referring to a £6m quote for a 30-metre yacht.

An unfinished underground passage with thick concrete walls led from a second villa to the street.

The complex also had a grass football pitch and a kennel with four cages, one decorated with pictures of dobermans.


Rebels examine clothes in Aisha Gaddafi's property

The rebels also ransacked the home of Al-Saadi's sister, Aisha.

"I can't even believe what I am seeing," said Tripoli resident Muftah Shubri, as he walked across the lawn to a large, covered pool.

Aisha, 35, appeared to care for ordinary Libyans but her neighbours said a small clinic had been destroyed to make room for the villa.

Her DVDs included action and mystery films and a video on getting back in shape after childbirth.

Bohemian crystal glasses and a brown Dolce and Gabana leather jacket for one of her children were among the other items found.

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