Saturday, 6 August 2011

Poor JILL HAVERN dropped right in it by TONY BENNETT re CARTER RUCK

Oh dear, poor JILL HAVERN is dropped right in the proverbial by TONY BENNETT (serial stalker) who has skipped off on his holidays BEFORE telling JILL HAVERN that CARTER RUCK had sent him ANOTHER letter regarding the libel and stalking of ANOTHER man called Ed.

He was told in no uncertain terms by CARTER RUCK to remove ALL libelous crap he'd written about Ed, as well as the pictures of the guy's HOUSE (and TONY BENNETT still pretends he's NOT a stalker). Did he do so?


He swanned off without telling JILL HAVERN who OWNS the forum his libel was posted on. To say she isn't happy that she is at risk of losing her house, not to mention the fact she's a driving instructor and the fact she's in bed with TONY BENNETT (only metaphorically speaking of course *eeeeeeewwwww* )is being splashed all over the place and could cost her her livlihood is making her a very unhappy bunny, all is well in PITCHFORKER LAND

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